Healing is for Today

JESUS heals today

Faith healing is NOT a mystery
It is a supernatural fact!

Faith in Jesus Christ will heal you!
If you are sick and desperate for healing, you need to know this.
JESUS is the healer, HE is the Word sent from the FATHER to heal
you. Ps. 107:20, says HE sent HIS Word and healed them. You are
them, HE was sent to heal, and to be the perfect Sacrifice for sin, once for all.
Luke 6:19, says-and the whole multitude sought to touch HIM, for power went out from HIM and healed them.
Matthew 15:30, Great multitudes came to HIM, having with them the
lame, blind, mute, and maimed, and many others; and JESUS healed
them. You are a part of them. Healing is for you today! All you need is faith
to know that JESUS will heal you, where you are today.
If you are ready say this prayer, and you touch the part of your body
that is in pain or sick. Say this- JESUS I have faith that you will heal me
today, I command in the name of JESUS CHRIST this pain and sickness
to leave my body NOW! I am healed in JESUS name. Now move that
part of your body if you are able to, and see what JESUS did, then tell
someone what JESUS did for you. Tell them that your Faith is in Jesus Christ,
the Cross of Christ and the Finished work of the Cross, and His resurrection.
PRAISE HIS NAME! Read Acts 3:1-10. Please feel free to call us at 916-331-3872

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