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If you need prayer let us know, call us or e-mail us, we will pray. We are a Faith preaching, Word of God believing, Pentecostal Christian church, that believes in the miracle working,  faith-healing power of JESUS name, and we have a family friendly atmosphere. We believe in Jesus Christ, the Cross of Christ, the Finished work of the Cross of Christ, and His resurrection, and that the object of our Faith must ever be Jesus Christ and the finished work of the Cross of Christ. What the Lord Jesus Christ did for us at the Cross. Come out and seeing GOD'S power released in our services at Faith Christian Fellowship. The only Message that saves, heals and delivers is "Jesus Christ and Him crucified",
anything else is a false Gospel message.

Let us know how to pray for you.
Please email your prayer requests to the following email address:
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We have a Friday night prayer meeting that is when we will pray for all your needs.  We are a Faith preaching, (we preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified, and that the object of our Faith must be in Jesus Christ, the Cross of Christ-what the Lord Jesus did for us on the Cross), Healing in JESUS name, Pentecostal Christian Church.

Prayer Request:

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Pastor Jim Clayton