Faith Christian Fellowship is a Family friendly, Word of God believing, Faith preaching, healing in Jesus name, Pentecostal Christian online church, we preach Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, and that your Faith must be in Jesus Christ and the Cross, what Jesus did on the Cross for us, that and that alone is the only place where our Victory is! We believe that the church in America must come back to the Message of the Cross of Christ. This is the only message that saves, heals and delivers! I really hope that you will realize that church is NOT boring, but a lot of fun when JESUS is the center of everything.

If you are looking for a Family friendly Word of God believing, faith preaching (we preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified), healing in JESUS name, Pentecostal Christian church that is online, please come and visit this church online. Feel free to contact us by phone, 530-219-6043 or e-mail us at fcfellowship91@yahoo.com thank you. You can also contact Moseley Collins from our ministry team. He is a Pastor and a great Attorney please feel free to contact him at  916 444-4444, or e-mail him at Pastor@ MoseleyCollins.com.

We are a Word of God, 
Faith Healing in Jesus Name, Family Friendly
Pentecostal Christian online Church.

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